Digital trends of 2018

The internet is an interesting place, on one side it has fanboys fighting over their favourites and on the other end, we are seeing technological advancements with one real intention – differentiate their platform from the others. Out of the bunch, social media has seen the biggest shift. Social media is no longer a place for people to connect with family and friends, it has become a marketplace for marketers to promote their products, and it has worked wonders. So we can’t really blame them, can we? Every year, we see trends that emerge out of the blue and grab the attention of millions. Some are truly impressive and others not so much (Ahem, Snapchat chat streak). There wasn’t a shortage of such trends in 2017, and 2018 is going to be particularly no different.


Hands down the biggest change we’re headed towards is a shift from content in all forms to videos. According to a survey, 90% of the content shared by users in social media is video and 87% of the marketers use videos in their campaigns. Sure, the plethora of written articles and the nostalgic cartoons aren’t going anywhere soon, but they’re losing popularity. The reason for it is, a video is much easier to watch and less time consuming compared to say a blog where you have to concentrate on it for a considerably longer time to understand what the writer is trying to say.


Stories are omnipresent. You can now find stories across all social media platforms. Earlier, if you wanted to post ephemeral content that disappears in a short time, you had to use Snapchat. Since Instagram integrated this feature into their app, it has taken off.

“Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, which is over 50 million more than those who use Snapchat – and Instagram Stories is just one year old!” wrote Deep Patel in an article on

Now that is an awful lot of people. Stories will be the easiest and the most logical way for marketers to reach more people. So get ready to see more people eating breakfast and taking their pets for a walk on your newsfeed.

Augmented reality

Companies have been testing ways to introduce augmented reality into our everyday lives for quite some time now. Remember the humongous phone with a few cameras and sensors at the back that Lenovo introduced at MWC 2016? It was a phone that was solely built around augmented reality in partnership with Google’s Project Tango. Sadly, that device never made it to the shelves. Recently, Apple announced three new iPhones, all built around augmented reality (Apple has hugely invested in AR). It is not just going to be hardware devices that take advantage of this feature, soon social media platforms will start incorporating support for AR into their source code to improve the user experience.


If you haven’t read our article on how to spot a fake influencer, you should. We talk in depth about how an influencer has the power to influence people. In short, an influencer has the platform to reach thousands of people much faster than one could taking another route.  So by companies investing in these influencers, they can reach a wider audience in a much shorter time. Successful brands like Rolex, HubSpot etc. use influencers as part of their marketing campaigns. Over 90% of the brands say that using influencers to promote their products has proven to work.

Live streaming

Over the years, live streaming has gained popularity among businesses and brands. Initially, it was only a few platforms like Periscope that supported the feature. Now, almost all social media platforms allow users to live stream. The reason for its gained popularity is because these brands want to create a personal connection with their audience and a live stream in addition to doing that, serves as a platform for these brands to communicate with their followers and answer their questions.

The focus of most brands is on the generation Z. Generation Z refers to people born between 1995 and 2012. With the oldest people of generation Z still in their 20’s, the brands will create more strategies to attract this audience. Let us know what you think will trend in 2018.

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