Junk the Junk campaign by Max Bupa was a massive success with over 7.5 million impressions in 7 days.

The first week of September was the National Nutrition Week. On occasion of that, Max Bupa created a social media campaign called “Junk the Junk.” This campaign was targeted at the millennials to create awareness about the dangers of junk food and to encourage people to make healthier choices. The campaign was rolled out on every social media platform, considering all the factors that would appeal to the younger audience. Max Bupa teamed up with stand up comedians, a celebrity nutritionist and a doctor to make this campaign a heaping success.

Stand up comedians like Azeem Banatwalla, Angad Singh Raniyal, Kunal Rao and Sahil Shah from East India Comedy worked with Max Bupa in the campaign. The campaign challenged the users to quit junk food for a day/week and switch to home-cooked wholesome meals. It encouraged them to share selfies and videos of them eating healthy food, and challenge their friends to do the same. Max Bupa collaborated with celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija to educate people on how to lead a healthy life and to answer their questions. Around 48,000 people joined in to watch the live video. Max Bupa also provided a free consultation with Dr Shikha Sharma to all its existing users.

“Junk the Junk” was a massive success. At the end of the campaign, it had over 7.5 million impressions in 7 days. On Facebook, it had received over 1.25 million likes, with around 5.4 million impressions. On Twitter, the campaign reached over 2 million people through the hashtag, with over 2.2 million impressions.

Reference blog: https://www.socialsamosa.com/2017/11/junk-the-junk-max-bupa/

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