Learn how this guy went from being unemployed to starting a million dollar company.

I’m Tarun, a 27-year-old entrepreneur. I vividly remember this day, it was the last day of college and I had graduated without a job offer. In India, graduating without a job in your hand is considered an act of terrorism. You’re presented with more questions from friends and family than a terrorist would be asked during his interrogation. “You didn’t get placed? What are your future plans? Why aren’t you serious about life Tarun? Do you know how hard it is to find a job today? You’re going to start your own business? Are you crazy? What do you know about running your own business? and so on. All the distant relatives and “family friends” would appear out of the blue and bombard you with questions and suggestions. It’s something you not necessarily want, but at the same time can’t avoid.

Now, let’s get into detail on how it all started. It was a sad Monday morning (every morning is kinda sad when you have to wake up unemployed, and constantly be told to find a job), and I was scrolling through my Facebook feed (isn’t that the most logical thing to do when you’re unemployed? scroll through your Facebook and watch your friends either get promoted and go abroad or get married and go abroad, either way, somebody was going abroad) and I came across this post titled “Are you unemployed? We’ve got the perfect solution to finding a job” truth be told, I freaked out for a moment. Like how in the hell did this guy know I was unemployed, and I was curious to check out what he had to offer. With an unsure feeling, I clicked on it and it was a long post with an embedded video talking about digital marketing. “Ah, advertising crap, I’m not falling for it,” I thought. Then again something in me told me to give it a shot, I called them up and met with them for a demo class, it was fascinating. It was about turning something as simple as a status update and making it a medium to make money, how cool is that. I signed up for a course and in a month’s time, and I completed it. My parents were happy since eating, sleeping and surfing the internet wasn’t everything I was doing all day.

I then thought instead of working for a firm, why not start my own thing? I signed up as an affiliate marketer on Amazon and Flipkart and then with the skills I learnt at the institute, I started my own blog, implemented SEO and other digital marketing techniques. In six months, my blog was on the first page of the Google search results. After running my blog for around 5 years, it hit the million dollar mark last week. That’s how I went from being unemployed to starting a million dollar company. If there’s one thing I learnt along the path, don’t let other people’s opinion, drown out your inner voice. Do what seems right to you, even if it means the chances of failing is high. Start living the life of your dreams and kickstart your career today.

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