• DMI Certified Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Adwants Digital Marketing Professional
  • SEO Expert
  • SMO Expert
  • PPC Expert
  • Content Creation Expert
  • Affiliate Marketing Professional

Digital marketing course in Chennai

The DMI Certified Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is an ideal International Certification for anyone looking to gain a foothold into the Digital Marketing industry. This course is tailored to help you increase the ROI of your organisation and to help you grow professionally.

Course Highlights

Comprehensive Training

90 hours of lectures + 15 hours practical experience

Two mock tests before taking the qualifying exam

Only Industry Accredited International Certification

with syllabus approved by Industry Leaders such as

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twiter

Easy Learning

Flexible Weekdays and Weekend batches along with the option of logging into live lecture sessions and viewing the lectures that have been missed.

Placement Assistance

Provided for both freshers and people seeking promotions to go up the career ladder

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Search Marketing: SEO

  • Search Marketing: PPC

  • Digital Display Advertising (DDA)

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing I

  • Social Media Marketing II

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Analytics

  • Strategy Planning

Did you know? By 2020 global digital marketing spends are touted to be more than $250 billion

Digital marketing training in Chennai

The Professional Certification is a comprehensive Digital Marketing course aimed to provide Marketing Professionals, Job-seekers, Business Owners, Students, and Home-makers with an indepth understanding of Digital Marketing.

Course Highlights

Comprehensive Training

90 hours of lectures + 15 hours practical experience

customised to the student’s needs

Easy to Understand Lectures

which are tailored to help even people from non-technical background to understand the technical details

Easy Learning

Flexible Weekdays and Weekend batches along with the option of logging into live lecture sessions and viewing the lectures that have been missed.

Placement Assistance

Provided for both freshers and people seeking promotions to go up the career ladder

Course Modules

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Holistic perspective of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of things (IOT)

  • Growth Hacking and Micro Marketing Strategies

  • Website Design Overview

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing II

  • Google Adwords and PPC

  • Email Marketing

  • Online Brand Management

  • Content Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Creating Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Did you know? More than 200,000 digital marketing profesionals will be needed in India by the end of this year.

SEO training in Chennai

Search Engine Optimization is a key technical skill of Digital Marketing which helps businesses grow and find more customers. Our SEO Expert certification is designed to help Professionals, Business Owners, Students, Job seekers, and Home makers gain an indepth understanding of the techniques involved in SEO. By doing this SEO certification, you can easily help a business find more online footfalls, and hence enhance their revenues.

Course Highlights

Complete Training

15 hours of indepth training on SEO

Business Oriented Case Studies

and practical training which will help students quickly grasp the fundamentals

Convenient Batches

Flexibile Weekdays and Weekend class options available

Course Modules

  • Basics of the working of Search Engines

  • Search Engine Algorithm Concepts

  • Search Engine Result Pages

  • Overview of Google Keyword Planner Tool

  • Fundamentals of keyword research and keyword mix

  • Search Engine Submissions

  • On page and Off page SEO

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Consoles

Social Media Marketing course in Chennai

Social Media Optimization harnesses the power, reach, and strength of numbers of Social Media Platforms to help businesses connect and grow. We create SMO Experts who can succsfully leverage every advantage offerred by the different social media platforms in order to widen the reach and recognition of brands. Our SMO course is suitable for Professionals seeking additional skills, students looking to acquire job-oriented knowledge, business owners wanting to have more eye-balls, job-seekers and home makers searching for an opening or a flexible work option.

Course Highlights

Complete Training

15 hours of exhaustive training on SMO

Practical Sessions

with relevant business case studies and examples

Choose your training time

A wide array of available time slots for training

Course Modules

  • Scope of SMO

  • Analysis of Audience Psychology

  • Account Creation and Page Management

  • Social media strategy formulation for different platforms

  • Brand awareness and fan engagement

  • Paid ads and campaigns

  • Insight into the importance of content

  • Paid reach and organic reach

  • CPC, CPM, and CPA

PPC training in Chennai

PPC is a fundamental tool of Digital Marketing which can catapult a company’s revenues, when done right. Our PPC Expert course has been created with the intent helping Working Professional, Business Owners, Job Seekers, Home Makers, and Students become masters at using the concept of Pay Per Click to help organisations drive up their sales and bring down their marketing costs.

Course Highlights

Exhaustive Fundamental

training teaching the lenght and breadth of PPC: 15 hours

Market Relevant Case Studies

provided to help students gain a practical understanding of the underlying PPC concepts

Convenient Study Time

Weekday and Weekend time slots available

Course Modules

  • Understanding the core of Google Adwords and Ad Ranks

  • Successful Targeting and Bidding

  • Campaign Tracking and Budgeting

  • Fundamentals of Keywords Targeting

  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion

  • Ad Writing and A/B Testing

  • AdWords Strategy and Implementation

  • Campaign Optimization

Content writing course in Chennai

Content Creation is the bedrock of digital marketing and there is an evergrowing need for qualified content writing experts. Our Content Creation Expert course will help you understand how to approach various forms of content writing and how to earn a fat pay packet as a Content Creator.

Course Highlights

Short and Intensive Course

15 hours

Writing Assignments

to practise different forms of content writing

Tips and Tricks

to improve grammar and language skills

Course Modules

  • Scope of Content Creation

  • Blog Writing

  • Writing for Social Media

  • Writing for Websites

  • Importance of SEO and SEO friendly content

  • Email Marketing

  • How to improve one’s English grammar?

  • Introduction to technical writing

  • Introduction to content strategy

Affiliate marketing course in Chennai

Affiliate Marketing is an arm of Digital Marketing which helps in creating a secondary revenue stream without much effort. Our Affiliate Marketing Professional Course is created with the goal of helping people become expert affiliate marketeers and help them leverage the scope offered by E-commerce. This is an ideal course for anyone looking to work from home or seeking to generate additional income.

Course Highlights

Indepth Course work

on Affiliate Marketing

Low cost course

with great returns on Income


on how to create a second income without investing much or having any operating costs

Course Modules

  • Overview of Digital Marketing

  • Baisc Blog Setup

  • Understanding the relevance of content posting

  • Setting up an Affiliate Marketeer Account

  • Understanding reports and analysing the business

  • Optimization Techniques

  • Case Studies

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