digital marketing course in chennai

Digital marketing training in Chennai

Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

Adwants Digimac offers the Best Digital Marketing course in Chennai to providing you the skills to advance in your career in by providing certification in Digital Marketing courses.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is just marketing using a digital medium. It encompasses all online and offline channels of communication. One could trace its evolution from radio, television, telephone, right up to email, search engines and social media, it has taken various forms throughout the years.

Your primary goal with digital marketing is to promote products, services and brands and reach out to potential customers, build engagement, create a brand reputation, in order to increase sales.

Digital Marketing Institutes understand that it is essential to market to your audience, and to meet your audience you need to where they are. People spend a large part of their time online and they receive most of their information through platforms here. Offline marketing is slowly losing relevance and online platforms are diversifying into several new opportunities.

Digital marketing professionals are instrumental in carrying out various marketing strategies like keyword analysis, search engine optimization, content marketing, sales conversion, campaign marketing, eCommerce marketing, display advertising, performance monitoring and using social media platforms to drive potential traffic to the business website.

With an increase in online marketing, there is a subsequent demand for digital marketing professionals, who can conceptualise campaigns, understand the market and find the best possible use of the digital medium.

Adwants Digimac - Digital Marketing Institute

Adwants digimac is a leading Digital Marketing institute and Media Studies academy aspiring to create the thought leaders of tomorrow. As a DMI licensee, we work towards equipping people with the skills required to excel in every facet of digital marketing by offering them intensive and exhaustive course in every domain.

We are a digital marketing institute in Chennai and have identified an existing vacuum in this space for experienced and passionate individuals with the required skills, and we are dedicated to creating qualified professionals by ingraining in them an in-depth knowledge and providing them comprehensive learning in Digital Marketing Training.

The Digital Marketing Institute sets the global standard in digital marketing and selling certification. We have certified more professionals to a single digital education standard than any other certification body.

Digital technologies have changed the way we work, live and communicate. We know this huge shift can pose challenges for your current role. We understand that advancing and progressing your future career is important to you. That’s why we have designed a professional certification for digital marketing training that can make a difference in your life. Industry aligned, it can help you stand out from the crowd and highlight your capabilities. It can boost your credibility. It can transform you into a specialist in your field.

With 18,000 certified professionals across 100 countries, the Digital Marketing Institute sets the global standard in digital marketing and selling. We provide a certification that is designed by experts, to create experts.

Program overview

This course would benefit:
● Business owners
● Marketing strategists and executives
● Management
● Those involved in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies for an organisation
● Those interested in understanding and learning the nuances of digital marketing to pursue a career in it

This programme is structured to cater to the needs of various degrees and levels of skills in digital marketing and help optimise the impact created using digital tools.

What will you be learning?

There are various skills you will have learned and enhanced at the end of this DMI certification and they include:

● Improve visibility on the internet using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
● Gain traffic in your website utilising Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.
● Carry out digital display campaigns
● Plan and execute successful email marketing by capturing, segmenting and managing email subscribers.
● Leverage social media channels to maximise your reach
● Optimise social media campaigns
● Use mobile marketing for its micro-targeting reach
● Analyse and improve your overall digital marketing activities
● Formulate a coherent digital marketing plan for your business

How do you earn your certification?

There are several channels through which you can learn and get certified in Digital Marketing and they are

● Instructor led
This Digital Marketing course in Chennai will include learning in a conducive classroom environment and getting face time with the teaching faculty, group discussions and lectures. Learning will not be limited to a theoretical approach, but also include some hands on practical learning to help maximise understanding.

● Online
Time will be no hindrance as you can take advantage of the study material 24/7. You can access and learn via video lectures, presentations, practical exercises, and interactive quizzes at your own pace. A supportive student network is also available for you to tap into.

● Blended
A mixture of instructor led and online learning will enable you receive a combination of the best course of action from both traditional and web-based learning.

Whichever way you decide to learn, you will receive the best coaching in order to optimise your skills in the field of digital marketing.

Program Learning Outcomes

Being equipped with the right skills to optimise your outcome with digital marketing is what this course is structured around. The course contains 10 modules that encompass the integral aspects of digital marketing.

Course Highlights

digital marketing course in chennai

Comprehensive Training

90 hours of lectures + 15 hours practical experience

Two mock tests before taking the qualifying exam

digital marketing certification in chennai

Only Industry Accredited International Certification

with syllabus approved by Industry Leaders such as

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twiter

digital marketing course in chennai

Easy Learning

Flexible Weekdays and Weekend batches along with the option of logging into live lecture sessions and viewing the lectures that have been missed.

training and placements

Placement Assistance

Provided for both freshers and people seeking promotions to go up the career ladder

Course Modules

    An introduction to digital marketing gives you a comprehensive understanding of what digital marketing is and enables you to map out the optimal usage of digital mediums to elevate your organisation’s marketing strategy.

    This module will help you provide you an understanding of everything that is involved in creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy specifically for your organisation.

    Topics covered include:

    Digital Marketing Institute Method

    • Definition of the Digital Marketing Institute Method
    • Principles
    • Our Tools
    • The Digital Marketing Institute Framework
    • The Digital Marketing Institute quality scale

    Digital Marketing

    • Key Concepts of Digital Marketing
    • Traditional vs Digital Marketing
    • The Opportunity of Digital Marketing
    • Characteristics of Digital Marketing
    • Implications of Digital Marketing
    • Market Research vs Market Reality

    The Search Marketing: SEO module will help you to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization and how you can leverage key techniques to improve your website’s organic ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS) to drive more traffic.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key SEO Concepts
    • Search Results & Positioning
    • Benefits of Search Position
    • Stakeholders in Search
    • Mechanics of Search
    • On-Page Optimization
    • The SEO Process
    • Customer Insights
    • Analysis & Review
    • Keyword Research & Selection
    • Content Updates & Layout
    • Meta Tags
    • SEO Site Map
    • SEO Google Search Console
    • Off-Page Optimization
    • Inbound Links & Link Building
    • Ranking
    • Laws & Guidelines

    The Search Marketing: PPC module will teach you about the importance of Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and how it can be used to effectively drive quality traffic to your website, as well as the accompanying terminology and technical skills.

    During the module, you will understand how to set up a Google Adwords account and develop an Adwords campaign through three elements that include keyword research, ad copy and landing pages.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key PPC Concepts
    • Strengths of Pay Per Click
    • Keyword Research
    • Google PPC
    • Research Tools
    • Search Campaign Process
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Copy
    • Landing Pages
    • Targeting
    • Budgets
    • Scheduling
    • Display Networks
    • Ad Centre
    • Campaign Management
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Conversion Metrics: CPA,CTR
    • Bidding
    • Analytics
    • Laws & Guidelines

    The digital display advertising campaign module will help you customise and optimise digital display advertising campaigns. It covers the core concepts associated with the key campaign aspects such as ad formats, campaign set up, campaign setup and planning, target audience definition and publisher selection, campaign administration, budgeting (including different pricing metrics), measurement and optimization.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key Digital Display Concepts
    • Benefits of Digital Display
    • Challenges of Digital Display
    • Business Value
    • Running Effective Ads
    • Ad Formats
    • Ad Features
    • Ad Display Frequency
    • Campaign Planning
    • Campaign Steps
    • Target Audience
    • Campaign Objectives
    • Campaign Budget
    • Creative Formats
    • Targeting
    • Tracking your Campaign
    • Optimizing the Campaign
    • Laws & Guidelines

    The email marketing module with enable you to conceptualise and deliver an effective email marketing campaign. The module will cover the following aspects of email marketing: data capture and subscriber segmentation, email design and content, email delivery, and measurement and reporting.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key Email Marketing Concepts
    • Campaign Process
    • Online Data Capture
    • Offline Data Capture
    • Segmentation
    • Email Design
    • User Behavior
    • User Characteristics
    • Email Copy
    • Email Structure
    • Email Delivery
    • Email Systems
    • Filtering
    • Scheduling
    • Measurement
    • Key Terms & Metrics
    • Split Testing
    • Laws & Guidelines

    Social Media Marketing module will give you an understanding of the appropriate concepts and terminologies you can use in Social media marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

    This module covers setting goals and defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your social media campaigns while exploring the various social media platforms.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key Concepts of Social Media
    • Content Planning and Scheduling
    • Social Media for Business
    • Social Media Goals
    • Setting Goals and Priorities
    • Facebook Features
    • Facebook Business Page
    • Facebook Messenger for Business
    • Facebook Apps
    • Instagram Features
    • Third Party Apps for Instagram
    • Instagram Best Practice
    • Twitter Features
    • Twitter Chat
    • Twitter Profile set-up
    • Twitter Lists
    • Periscope
    • LinkedIn Setup & Profile
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • LinkedIn InMail
    • LinkedIn Company Page
    • LinkedIn Recruitment

    The Social Media Marketing (Part 2) module will help you develop the skills needed to implement the full range of social media tools and platforms to cultivate and sustain relationships with customers.

    It builds upon Social Media Marketing (Part 1) and expands upon the topics and platforms introduced. In this module, you will understand the challenges involved in implementing an effective social media strategy for your business, especially when using paid advertising options.

    Topics covered include:

    • Google+ Brand Page
    • Google+ and SEO
    • Google Hangouts
    • Pinterest Profile
    • Pinterest Advertising
    • Pinterest Business Accounts
    • Facebook and Instagram Advertising Types
    • Facebook and Instagram targeting
    • Facebook and Instagram Ad management
    • Facebook and Instagram Analytics
    • Facebook insights
    • Twitter Advertising
    • Twitter Ad targeting
    • Twitter Audience Platform
    • Twitter analytics
    • LinkedIn Advertising
    • LinkedIn Ad Targeting
    • LinkedIn Analytics
    • YouTube Account Basics
    • YouTube Channels
    • YouTube Content types
    • YouTube Advertising
    • YouTube Analytics
    • Social Media KPIs

    The Mobile Marketing module will help you create and deliver effective mobile marketing campaigns. You will cover the key concepts that underpin mobile marketing, and understand the value of immediacy, mobility and personalization within any mobile marketing activity. You will also understand the importance and key components of a mobile-optimized website.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key Mobile Marketing Concepts
    • Trends in Mobile
    • Opportunities & Risks
    • Mobile Devices
    • SMS Content
    • SMS Strategy
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Mobile Optimized Websites
    • Mobile Apps
    • Attributes of Effective Apps
    • Digital Marketing Institute 7 Step Process for Mobile Apps
    • Proximity Marketing
    • Bluetooth
    • Mobile Coupons & Ticketing
    • Implementation
    • Strategic Steps
    • Marketing Goals
    • Review & Testing
    • Social Media Channels
    • Laws & Guidelines

    The Analytics module will help you develop the knowledge and skills required to measure, monitor and optimize your digital marketing activity. This will equip you with the technical understanding and insights to build an online reporting structure for your business.

    In order to monitor and measure online traffic, you will know the range of specialist tools on offer. You will also explore the business benefits of using analytics tools as a standard.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key Analytics Concepts
    • Goal Set-up
    • Account Set-up
    • Analytics Code
    • Analytics Profiles
    • Goal Configuration & Funnels
    • Audience
    • Dashboard
    • Technology
    • Advertising
    • AdWords Campaigns
    • Traffic Sources
    • Scheduling & Delivery
    • Bounce Rate
    • Site Speed
    • Site Search
    • Events
    • Conversions
    • eCommerce
    • Reporting
    • Real Time Reporting
    • Intelligence Reporting
    • Customized Reporting
    • Laws & Guidelines

    The Strategy and Planning module provides the skills to create a formal digital marketing plan for your organization, enabling you to work effectively with a digital agency or external contractors as required, and establish an approach that will allow you to implement a successful digital marketing strategy. This module is based on the Digital Marketing Institute methodology, which consists of a process based on three distinct parts: Initiate, Iterate and Integrate.

    Topics covered include:

    • Key Strategy & Planning Concepts
    • First Steps
    • Planning
    • Situation Analysis
    • Information Gathering
    • Target Audience
    • Setting Objectives
    • Appropriate Tools
    • Action Plan
    • Setting the Budget
    • Measurement
    • Iteration & Enhancement
    • Laws & Guidelines
digital marketing course in chennai

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