PPC training in Chennai

PPC training in Chennai

PPC is a fundamental tool of Digital Marketing which can catapult a company’s revenues, when done right. Our PPC Expert course has been created with the intent helping Working Professional, Business Owners, Job Seekers, Home Makers, and Students become masters at using the concept of Pay Per Click to help organisations drive up their sales and bring down their marketing costs.

Course Highlights

Exhaustive Fundamental

training teaching the lenght and breadth of PPC: 15 hours

Market Relevant Case Studies

provided to help students gain a practical understanding of the underlying PPC concepts

Convenient Study Time

Weekday and Weekend time slots available

Course Modules

  • Understanding the core of Google Adwords and Ad Ranks

  • Successful Targeting and Bidding

  • Campaign Tracking and Budgeting

  • Fundamentals of Keywords Targeting

  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion

  • Ad Writing and A/B Testing

  • AdWords Strategy and Implementation

  • Campaign Optimization

Ready Steady Go!

Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career