They click; You pay! So make sure you get back your money!

Pay per Click is the predominant means through which companies market themselves online. By learning the basic concepts of Pay-per-click ads and by mastering the concepts behind the designing of these ads you can drive more customer engagement and traffic to your website and improve your sales. Here at Digimac, you can learn in the depth, the core concepts of PPC and explore different methods of using this method to drive sales.

Why PPC...?

  • Target consumers on the basis of their choice
  • Improve the site traffic and thereby improve sales
  • Helps track spending and learn more about your audiences
  • Optimise your spending budget on marketing campaigns and reach target with minimum spends.

What will you be taught here ?

  • The core workings of Google AdWords and Ad Rank Work
  • Successful Targeting and Bidding
  • Campaign Tracking and Budgeting
  • Keywords Targeting Types
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Ad Writing and A/B Testing
  • AdWords Strategy & Implementation
  • Campaign Optimization

How to make 1 million rupee turnover with digital marketing.