Remember! SEO is the “Abracadabra” of Google Marketing!

SEO is the magical activity that makes your website come on the top of the search results. By learning to apply the concepts of Search Engine Optimization to your website content you can ensure that your website tops the search results and thereby promote your brand to wider audience. Here at Digimac, you can learn in the depth, the concepts of SEO and how to tweak the content to include keywords that are trending.

Why SEO....?

  • Improves the ranking of the webpage
  • Ensures that more people land on your webpage
  • Helps you understand which keywords are working, which ones aren’t
  • Helps you target audiences on the basis of their search queries.

What will you be taught here ?

  • The basics of how Search Engines work
  • The concepts behind Search Algorithms and how they work.
  • The working of Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • A brief overview of Google keyword planner tool
  • The funda behind keywords research and understanding the keyword mix
  • Search engine submission
  • On page SEO and Off page SEO
  • An in-depth understanding of Google analytics and Google search console
  • Real-life scenarios and Case studies

How to make 1 million rupee turnover with digital marketing.