A link to the entire planet; now at your fingertips

The 21st century is the age of Social Media. With the smartphone revolution across the globe, the barriers on mass communication have come down and it is easy to market to every nook and cranny of the globe through Social Media. Harnessing the power of Social Media can help individuals and corporations promote their brands in a big way. Here at Digimac, you can understand the power of Social Media and learn to master it to pursue your career as a Social Media manager of repute.

Why SMO...?

  • Connect and engage with a global audience through Social Media
  • Help understand consumer mindsets and behaviors by analysing their interactions on social media
  • Run campaigns before important events and product launches to gather more attention
  • Use it as an effective PR Platform

What will you be taught here ?

  • The scope of Social media optimization
  • Audience psychology in Social media
  • Significant difference between Social media marketing and other forms of marketing
  • Account Creation and Page Management
  • Strategies to Increase Brand footprint on Social Media
  • Fan engagement
  • Paid advertising and Ad campaigns
  • Understanding the need for diverse content and learning to develop Poster campaigns and Video campaigns.
  • Understanding CPC,CPM and CPA
  • Facebook and Linkedin groups
  • Organic Reach and Paid Reach
  • Increase Organic reach by generating virality-worthy content

How to make 1 million rupee turnover with digital marketing.